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Never Say Impossible & Dancing On Our Disabilities
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Are you still struggling to get what you deserve out of life?

Do you know what you really want to achieve in this lifetime? Very few of us start out at an early age on a mission to accomplish something that propels them towards success fueled by passion. The majority of us end up settling for mediocrity. By the time we figure out what we really want, half a lifetime has passed. Sometimes, we wake up one day having lived our life on automatic pilot. We go to work, come home, sleep, and do the whole thing over again the following day. However, do most of us feel satisfied? Some of us justify feeling that way because we put money before gratification.

But what if you could have both? How great would that be? Imagine doing what you really want, loving it, and awakening each day filled with passion, energy and making lots of money?

Ken West recently shared his story and details of his book on the Never Say impossible show. Ken’s book, “Get What You Want” is actually a wonderful way to focus on “what you really want”. It is a goal-setting workbook guaranteed to get you to start taking action and claiming what you deserve and desire in your life.

Click below to listen to this wonderful speaker, trainer, workshop leader, and author.

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About Myra

Myra uses positive thinking, courage, and creativity laced with humor to build success in her life. An attitude of gratitude is the powerful tool she uses to overcome life's adversities.

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