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Never Say Impossible & Dancing On Our Disabilities
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Money questions and answers

Money means different things to various people. For some, it means freedom, independence, and for others it gives them a sense of security and a feeling of happiness because they are able to experience life as they want to on a financial basis. Money does not buy happiness. However, on the other hand, you will feel stressed and anxious if you run out of money and cannot pay your mortgage or put food on your table.

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Legal side of life

Legal help is often a part of life no matter who you are or what you do for a living. Patricia Rogers has spent 28 years in law enforcement learning how important it is to be prepared and ready for an unexpected legal problem. The very last thing people think about is the possibility that they may need legal help.

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Insurance-what you need to know

Insurance of any kind can be a confusing product. At least it used to be and therefore many people decided not to make the investment and kept their fingers crossed that nothing would happen to them or to their loved ones.

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A great new workshop!

I am so excited to bring to the public this informative , inspirational, motivational workshop on November 4th at the Mandel Library of Palm Beach County.

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Christians in Action trade show

The Christians in Action Trade Show celebrates it’s 18th year of bringing people and businesses together to inform, inspirer, motivate, and network. September 26th and 27th, 2014 is shaping up to be a banner event with over 125 vendors, as well as an impressive array of seminars presented by motivational and Inspirational Speakers. This event can change your life.

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What is a life coach??

It is commonly known that athletes who want to improve their performance need coaches. So then why would we doubt the importance of having a coach at various times throughout life when you are moving from one scenario to another?

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Stop struggling to finish your book and get some help with….

With modern virtual technology readily available with the click of a mouse there is so much information about how you should approach writing on every level, whether it’s for a blog, a book, or any other piece of literary work, the process of learning the correct protocol can become overwhelming.

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Marilyn Raphael, a full-trance medium, physic, teacher, lecturer and researcher, has used her gift helping thousands of people around the world connecting with the other side. She has been a full-trance medium for more than thirty years and is involved with many kinds of mystical adventures and forms of heightened psychic awareness since childhood

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Talented, beautiful, and strong enough to fight PTSD and win!

So many of us experience traumatic situations in our life ranging anywhere from an accident, a physical assault, or a life-threatening illness which leaves us with recurring anxiety and fears when triggered by something that reminds us of what we experienced.

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Toxic Relationships stink!

Have you ever been in a relationship that was debilitating and unhealthy and gave you the feeling that you were on the losing end of things in every way. I’m speaking about spiritually, mentally, or even physically. Yet you were drawn to it. You know that it does not feel right, maybe it even hurts and leaves you empty and feeling worthless, but you don’t know how to break the addiction.

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