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Never Say Impossible & Dancing On Our Disabilities
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Have you ever been close to death and lived to tell about it?

One strange thing about those who have experienced this rare and unusual phenomena, is that they’ll all describe the experience in a similar and recognizable format. The near-death experience seems to unite those who have lived to tell about it.

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Are you still struggling to get what you deserve out of life?

Do you know what you really want to achieve in this lifetime? Very few of us start out at an early age on a mission to accomplish something that propels them towards success fueled by passion.

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Do you take everything for granted?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is fleeting and if you spend a lot of time worrying, or complaining about the little annoyances that we face day in and day out, you’ll be wasting so much good time. We have ups and downs every day of our…

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Are perseverance and passion more important in achieving success than a high IQ?

Some of us just seem to have an advantage. Parents always brag when they have exceptionally bright children. That’s great and in a perfect world everybody would have a genius IQ. No one would have disabilities of any kind, and everybody would be classically beautiful. But that’s not the real world. We are not all created equal

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Myra uses positive thinking, courage, and creativity laced with humor to build success in her life. An attitude of gratitude is the powerful tool she uses to overcome life's adversities.

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